Did You Experience This Problem?

  • I have trouble to manage order. Orders come via email, phone, chat, text-message. I must recap in same format.
  • I just wasting my time just gathering orders and putting them together into one single file.
  • I don't know for sure which orders are still being delivered and which ones have been paid. I must check it one-by-one.
  • It's difficult for me to control stock and parts in my warehouse. I need to open my MS Excel file just to know latest stock status.
  • I must open my file just to see historical data of all incoming orders, it took time for me.

I wish, there is a system that is...

  • Able to add my new buyer easily so they can order immediately into the system.
  • Able to check incoming order by real-time basis, so I can process order faster. No need to wait on afternoon just to recap all incoming order manually.
  • I can view order list at anywhere, no need to come into office just to check incoming order.

Is there any solution for my business?


ORDERMATIX is a B2B Online Ordering Software. We connect you and your buyer into one-integrated system. They can easily do an order to you, and you can easily check incoming order immediately.

ORDERMATIX can be opened using browser. It means you or your buyer can open it anywhere without needed to install software in your computer.

ORDERMATIX is built to fit into your business scale. You don't need to spend a lot of investment. You just subscribe by montly, no need to buy server infrastructure.

This is GOOD! But I have a specific business requirements and seems it is not ready on ORDERMATIX. Can you add it?

ORDERMATIX is flexible software. We can customize it for you because we realize that every business is unique.

Just send your specific requirements to us, then we will create a specific version of ORDERMATIX. This version is also scalable for enhancement in the future, following your business growth.

Finally. This is solution I've been looking for. How to start using ORDERMATIX?

You can try our free demo for 20 days. No credit card required. No deposit needed!